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Saarioinen is a privately owned Finnish food industry company and one of Finland’s leading food manufacturers. Saarioinen produces a selection of convenience food products, meat products and preserved foods. Saarioinen is the Finnish market leader in many of its business areas. Saarioinen’s annual net sales amount to approximately EUR 260 million and the group employs a total of 1,200 employees. Saarioinen has factories in Kangasala, Valkeakoski and Huittinen as well as a consumer ready food factory in Estonia which mainly manufactures products for the Baltic market.

Saarioinen has strong bonds with primary production, and contract production is one of the cornerstones of the operations. The raw material for the products is supplied by the contract suppliers, and originate in the pure Finnish countryside. 

The history of Saarioinen dates back to 1469 when the Saarioinen mansion in Sahalahti was first mentioned in historical documents. Industrial activities began in the mansion during the 1940s and in 1955 Saarioinen began its operations as a limited company. The first convenience food products were manufactured in 1957.

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